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Have you wondered why the whole world is after Nigerian bonny light sweet crude? The low sulfur blend is one of the secrets. to many, procuring the Nigerian crude appears elusive, to some others it is a mirage. However, if you are well guided, it is simple and easy.
Early prospectors would taste oil to determine its quality, with low sulfur oil actually tasting sweet crude is currently considered sweet if it contains less than 0.5% sulfur.
Sour crude is petroleum containing higher levels of sulfur known as sour crude oil. Sour crude oil will have greater than 0.5% sulfur and some of this will be in the form of hydrogen sulfide. Sour crude also contains more carbon dioxide, most sulfur in crude is actually bonded to carbon atoms, Nevertheless, high quantities of hydrogen sulfide in sour crude can pose serious health problems or even be fatal.
Sweet crude oil is easier to refine and safer to extract and transport than sour crude. Because sulfur is corrosive, light crude also causes less damage to refineries and thus results in lower maintenance costs over time. Due to all these factors, sweet crude, like Nigeria bonny light is in high demand.
After oil has been extracted from the ground, it is generally transported to a refinery, where it is heated and distilled into more usable products. The most common refined product is gasoline, the bulk of which is used to fuel internal combustion engines, such as those found in automobiles, heavy machinery in boats, power plants and factories. This is probably the most widespread. Industrial solvents–like benzene, toluene and xylene.
Is used in plastic everything that you can find in a store. If an item doesn’t contain plastic, then it is probably stored or packaged in the oil based polymer!
Plastic is also used in the production of computer cases, shoes, car bumpers, Kids toys, and thousands of other everyday items. Just take a quick look at every electronic device that you own (cell phone, mp3 player, cameras, routers, speakers, car bumpers etc), and you’ll be sure to find plastic.
Because of its far-reaching impact, this has to be one of the most important uses of oil!
Oil b1 products are used to help make clothing non-flammable and colorful. It is used in the production of rayon, nylon, polyester, and even artificial furs.
oil is also important in the production of you car’s hoses, wiring, and many fluids (antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, motor oil, and lubricating grease) engine block – reducing weight and improving fuel economy, and enhancing safety.
Yes, oil plays a part in the growth of your food. Fertilizer is something that relies on petroleum; thus, when the price of oil goes up, it gets more expensive to grow food.
Many of our food items are stored and or packaged in plastics as well; meaning that crude oil plays a large part in the production of your food.
if it costs more money to grow, store, package, transport, and regulate the temperature of our food, then that cost will be passed on to the consumers!
The insulation that you find in your home – which keeps unwanted heat from escaping or entering – is a petroleum based product. Couch cushions are often filled with durable, lightweight polyurethane foam.

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