Alive After The Fall 2

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There are only 3 possible Options:

Option 1: You can do nothing. Ignore the signs or just hope all of this will not come to pass… But you were show how the prophecy is coming true step by step…

We are getting closer and closer to the Fall of Babylon America…

The greatest and darkest event in human history is coming.

After seeing all the signs is this a chance any real Christian can take?

Can you truly think of yourself as a diligent husband or father and pass on an opportunity to keep your family safe?

Doing nothing means taking on all the risks… exposing yourself and your loved ones to famine, violent rioters, disease and god knows what else.

When the EMP hits, those who knew but did nothing will have to deal with all of the consequences of this disaster and the guilt of knowing they could have been ready but chose to ignore the signs…

You did not come here be accident, you were presented with the option to save yourself and those you care about.

You have the only true solution in hand and you can take it 100% risk free…

Also, as I mentioned earlier someone is trying their best to shut us down… it might not be long before they succeed.

Option 2: trying to prepare and to learn everything by yourself. For me it meant going through months of research and painful planning…

But time is something you don’t have right now…

Option 3: getting the “Alive After the Fall” program right now.

A risk free, worry free, all research done for you plan. If you care about your safety if you are really want your family to be secure and are willing to do what it takes to do that, this is the option for you.


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