How To Earn From Amazon


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Hi am Gloria Ajah l will show you how to earn from Amazon.                            Amazon offers budding entrepreneurs the world’s largest platforms for eCommerce, with a database of millions of customers it is no wonder why so many savvy business owners are exploring drop-shipping as a viable business and alternative to their day job.

This isn’t to say that just anyone can be successful selling products on Amazon, there is a steep learning curve and a lot of variables to consider. With this guide, we take the novice entrepreneur on a journey to not only successfully formulate and validate their product idea but also to walk you through the process of designing that product and sourcing valuable suppliers.

Understand that eCommerce is a multi billion dollar industry and that there is a still largely untapped market ripe for exploitation and profits. This guide explores the basic terminology and communication nuances that are instrumental in formulating successful relationships with suppliers, helping your source your first product and the essentials involved in creating a private label brand. It is not as simple as just sourcing a product and selling it, your product needs to serve a particular market and have that something special that will set it apart from competitors, giving your customers a solid reason why your brand is the number one choice.

Once your product is listed, the work doesn’t stop there. We will also walk you through creating an effective listing and a successful launch, followed by an advertising campaign that generates a serious return on investment.

This guide will cover everything that you need to know to get your foot in one of the greatest opportunities that exist on the web today and how you can work alongside one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world, sharing in their overwhelming prosperity.

The question that comes to mind for most aspiring entrepreneurs when they begin their journey of starting an Amazon business is “What should I sell?”. Searching for an idea is a highly important process as it is sets into motion how every following task will be perform. If you have a generic, uninspired idea or follow the crowd, you will find it may be much more difficult to complete the follow steps towards building a profitable business.

Following the crowd is never a profitable plan. This is vastly different from following emerging trends which in many cases will be profitable. Following the crowd is picking up where many entrepreneurs have left off after they followed trends and made the majority of their profit. Once a niche becomes profitable, everyone else joins in and it is highly likely that this oversupply will struggle to meet waning demand that’s not even considering the increase in competition which will drive down profits and make the process that much more difficult.

The solution then, is to come up with ideas that are untapped yet hold huge potential when it comes to customer demand. It is important to consider that ideas will be first needing to be validated to ensure they are suitable to take the next steps. This means we will be going over a check list with each of our ideas to determine whether it will be a profitable idea worth pursuing. You will notice that our used the plural, ideas, no single idea should be pursued just for the sake of it since this can lead to attachment and a confirmation bias.

The first step towards going through our idea validation strategies is to grab some paper and a pen and simply brainstorm all the ideas that you feel would be interested to research further into. You will want to take an interest in what you are selling as you will later find that this can affect your performance going forward. If you are working on something that you have no passion for, you are less likely to see it through to the end which is where you will be making the majority of your profit. Don’t just go with ideas that you feel would bring in the most money as there will be times where you are yet to see a profit and having an item that you don’t particularly care about can cause you to throw in the towel too early before you hit the gold mine.

Three Strategies for Discovering a Profitable Product

There are three main strategies for determining whether your ideas will make profitable products and it is wise to explore each of these strategies before proceeding further into validating your idea. Each of these strategies will reveal the current demand for your potential idea which allows you to understand whether customers are searching for these products and have a need for them.

first strategy is to make use of Amazon itself. You are able to have a read into those products that are currently selling successful on Amazon by using the search bar. By typing just, a single letter, you are met with a drop down box of products that are currently suggested due to the fact that people are searching for. This is where you are able to determine whether there is a demand for your products and is the first step towards determining whether your idea has any value.

For example, if you were to search for Dog, you will find that there are multiple suggestions with the preceding word “dog”. This might include dog toys, dog bed, dog trees as well as dog hardness and dog great. This gives you a nice list of potential ideas worth exploring which are related to dogs. This is also an indication that people are frequently searching for these types of items meaning there is a demand for these types of products and they are being sold.

One way you might like to do this, if you are really strapped for inspiration, is to go through each of the letters of the alphabet, A, B, C etc. This will display results for some of the hottest items starting with that letter. You can then add a second letter such as AD, AN, which will provide even more ideas for you to add to your brainstorming list.

Another way you are able to use the Amazon engine to your advantage when collecting ideas is to click through and see what customers of certain products have also been viewing in addition to the one that you are looking at. This gives you a deeper insight into the niche that you are researching and can also unveil many fun and interesting products that may spark your interest. This also works well if you are just viewing categories alone. Amazon has many categories available for you to search through which will explore later in this book.

Similar to the previous method, the final way you can make use of the Amazon engine is by viewing what customers have also purchased in addition to the item that you are searching. This is incredible useful as it can provide you with information on how the niche performs and makes their purchases, going from one item to another.

While this may not be the best way to determine whether ideas are profitable, it does give you an unlimited source of new ideas if you are struggling to come up with something new or if you’re list of items is largely common items that can be picked up just about anywhere. Remember it helps to source ideas that are unique yet in high demand and looking around your house for common items isn’t going to yield too many results that would make a successful Amazon business so by using the engine, you are able to collect information and add to your brainstorm for further research.

Golden Touch…If you prefer to take a little more time to research your product ideas and find that sitting in front of a computer can hinder your creativity this method might help get those creative juices flowing and you are able to incorporate it into your day to day life. This method involves.

taking note of everything you have touched within the last hour. This might seem like a huge undertaking, but it gives you the chance to see the items in your immediate surroundings that you might overlook on a regular basis.

This technique is best for when you are totally out of ideas and really need to get your mind working in an innovative way and start gathering ideas at an accelerated. For example, you would wake up in your bed, your sheets, pillow, pillow case, alarm clock and maybe a bottle of water would likely be some of the first things you touch. This gives you an instant list of five items and you haven’t even gotten out of bed yet! As you can see this can be an incredibly useful technique. As time goes on, you will find that there are more and more items which you interact with in your daily routine that are worth exploring further.

Keep in mind that the items on this list are not product ideas for your business. Instead they are items you would go further into detail with as you go further and further into the function of these items and their current form in your hands. Work on this technique for at least a week. There are many items that wouldn’t even cross your mind as you go about your day but when you make the habit of writing them all down, you will soon find that inspiration starts to flow through you and ideas for innovative products or improvements on those items around becomes second nature.

The main idea behind this strategy is that since you are a consumer or user of this product, you will have a greater understanding of how it can be improved or provide additional value for the user. With this in mind, you can start branching out your product ideas further by brainstorming new ways in which this product can deliver its value.

Offline Retail……..he third method involves some offline research. This is one in which the pioneers of eCommerce performed in order to determine which items would be best sellers online. Essentially, you need to travel to a big box retailer such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy etc. and take a look at what is stocked on the shelves. Explore across the various departments such as toys, electrical, home wares and take note of the items which are centrally placed which is a good indication that they are selling well. Many of these items, you will find are also selling quite well on Amazon but there are likely to be some hidden gems that haven’t quite reached an online customer base on a mass scale and this is where there is opportunity to take advantage of hot items.

We will explore further into some marketing techniques you are able to employ when scoping out big box stores, so you may want to hold off on this strategy and actually do them both at them same time to maximize your efficiency and get the ball rolling much faster.For  More click the botton









































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